If you believe life to be inherently GOOD, then you'll probably appreciate the three vital  Iningredients that can sustain lifes goodness. They are Authenticity, Originality and Consistancy. That defines Mr. Powdrells Original Barbeque.
 In order for a "Legacy" to stand the test of time it must have a solid foundation. The beams that still support this "Legacy of Goodness" are simply and enduring faith, and a perpetual commitment to work.
During the beginning of the 19th Century, the legacy began near Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It was there that Mr. Issac Britt, the grandfather of Mr. Pete Powdrell, would give birth to both a culinary recipe for a tangy barbecue sauce and a natural technique for slow-smoking meats over an open pit fired by pure hickory wood. It would be in the 1940 that the baton of this legacy would be passed on Pete Powdrell. The legacy travelled from Louisiana to East Texas where he started his family, and end up in Albuquerquen, NM, and Pete, his life and business patner Catherine, and their eleven children would follow the tradition of family, and employ this recipefor goodness wherever they went.

Our History

At Mr. Powdrells BBQ

You'll discover that you'll feel right at home. Hearty home-cooked food, a warm comfortable atmosphere and real down home hospitality.
Here at Mr. Powdrell's we consider "Family our Greatest Treasure". Those we share our precious moments with. Those we share good food and good thought with.
We would like for you to know that we truly enjoy your company and appreciate your patronage.
Most of all we sincerely hope that dining with us feels like the comfort of home.